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We believe that everyone who aspires a career in Aviation deserves an opportunity. With great energy, passion and love, we are committed to turn your dreams to reality.

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Karim’s journey in the aviation industry started way back in 2005, ever since then he had gained a wealth of experience that gives him the strength to kick off Crew Lounge.

However, his beginning was the same as everyone else. He spent the first . Through the training of more than 3000 Cabin Crew under his guidance, he was exposed to different divisions of aviation.

In 2012, he participated in the training of the newly launched Air Seychelles, moving him to the training of the UAE Air Force Cabin Crew.

In 2014, Karim joined the Leadership and Development Team in Etihad Airways where he participated in the Leadership and Development Training of Jet Airways and Air Seychelles. Also in the same year, he was rated as an Outstanding Performance in the Performance Management Cycle in Etihad Airways.

In 2015, Karim was assigned a project with Alitalia in Rome to re-structure and support the Leadership and Development Training in Alitalia. And proving that he is capable beyond cabin crew training, he participated in Abu Dhabi Airports Ground Staff Training with 400 employees involves.

In 2016, he joined Qatar Airways as Performance Manager where he leads a team of 600 Premium Class Cabin Crew. During his time with Qatar Airways, he was actively involved in several projects revolving the aviation cost reduction initiatives mainly in Training, Cabin Crew Performance and Productivity in Qatar Airways. As if that wasn’t enough, He designed and lead the “The Power of One” workshop, which won the title of “Most Popular workshop” in Qatar Airways at the same year.

Karim was awarded 5 Certificates of Achievements for his contributions post joining Qatar Airways. It was through his passion for excellent customer service through innovative approaches that inspired him to start Crew Lounge. He is committed to use his skills and experiences to provide more opportunities for the young and motivated generations that aspire to join the aviation industry.