About Company

F.O.S is an established clothing retail chain that specializes in affordable quality apparel. The inaugural opening of the first outlet in 1997, during the infamous economic crisis in Malaysia, marked the birth of F.O.S. From one single outlet, F.O.S has grown leaps and bounds to approximately 70 outlets to date throughout major shopping complexes located in the Peninsular as well as in Sabah & Sarawak. Our numbers of outlets are constantly growing with the opening of each new, major and exciting shopping complex throughout the country. For the past 25 years, our main focus has been developing suburban markets and to providing high-quality apparel products. We are active in the making of quality clothing brands affordable for the suburban community. At the same time, we also cover all urban and rural areas with our store network to make our brand a convenient clothing store. In the recent years, we have been more active in expanding online marketing, in order for our customers across the country to enjoy a remarkable virtual shopping experience and make purchases conveniently. Our vision is to provide a high-quality shopping experience in an affordable and convenient way. It is a little known fact that F.O.S is locally established. In fact, many are astonished that F.O.S is of local origin and very much home grown. We aim to be a trusted local clothing brand that our customers can get close to it anytime, anywhere. The success story lies in the very concept of F.O.S itself. A wide range of clothing and accessories are made available at an affordable price at F.O.S.