Production Superintendent

Full Time

Job Description

• Organize the formulation and revision of relevant rules and regulations and operating procedure standards within the scope of its jurisdiction, and supervise the implementation after approval
• According to the production plan, organize and formulate the production operation plan of the workshop
• Responsible for organizing and arranging production work according to plan to ensure production progress
• Supervise and guide the production process, and at the same time carry out production quality control to ensure production quality
• Establish on-site management system, and guide training on-site management knowledge
• Promote the 6S on-site management system and realize the standardized management of the production workshop
• Assess the 6S implementation of workshop employees on time, implement rewards and punishments, and ensure that the system is implemented
• Responsible for implementing various production safety systems of the enterprise, carrying out regular safety inspections; eliminating potential safety hazards and preventing safety accidents
• Other tasks as assigned by the superior/management.


  • Gender is not limited, 25-40 years old
  • At least advanced/higher/graduate diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in engineering field or equivalent.
  • At least 5 years directly applicable work experience in manufacturing management background
  • Familiar with ERP system, K3 experience, working experience in energy storage batteries and inverters is preferred
  • Proactive in work, proficient in using Word, EXCEL, PPT office software
  • Good communication skills and anti-pressure ability, be proactive and responsible, have data concepts, and have strong logical ability
  • Effective communication skills, proficiency in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malaysia, and ability to interact with people. (Mandarin speaker will be priority)

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