Junior .Net Developer

Avows Technologies Sdn Bhd
Full Time

Job Description

  • Manage and implement all codes changes via SVN.
  • Lead requirement identification meetings and providing visual layouts of requirements utilizing Visio and PowerPoint.
  • Used JUNIT for testing and check API performance.
  • Develop modules base on CodeIginitor, an MVC base PHP framework.
  • Used XML files for data transfer and DOM API for retrieving data.
  • Design web pages using ASP.net server controls, HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, KendoUI and JavaScript.
  • Develop a SharePoint site to facilitate the process in order to convert InfoPath forms to Nintex forms.
  • Implement AJAX, JavaScript and JQUERY for asynchronous data transfer and for client side functionality to provide better performance.
  • Use of scrum methodology for application development.
  • Develop task-management application, and develop WCF services communicating with SQL server.
  • Experience in using development tools Log4J, JUNIT.
  • Set up the initial maven repository and build process.
  • Implement and test python base web applications interacting with MySQL.
  • Eclipse has been used as a tool to develop the system.
  • Design homepage and inner pages layouts and convert them into navigational PHP pages.
  • Enhance existing PERL scripts that are used to perform validations for certain payers.
  • Work closely with API team to develop API for creating push notification payload.
  • Collaborate with other students on projects using an agile workflow using git and GitHub.
  • Used JQUERY extensively for client side validation, making Ajax request to server methods and displaying data in the table format.
  • Produce client side validation through JavaScript and Ajax for asynchronous communication.
  • Utilize validation controls for server-side validation and JavaScript for client-side validation.
  • Participate in products (open.space, fund.space), which are successful CRM strategies.
  • Develop Intranet and Internet websites, write codes of custom functions for use of CRM for financial and mortgage companies.
  • Develop CSS for user interface uniformity.
  • Generate property list for every application dynamically using python.
  • Used Perl to develop monitoring and analytic tools to parse through logs of execute trades.
  • Provide a comprehensive tool set and information database for operators to complete batch operations.
  • Involve in developing new databases, testing and analyzing database applications considering users suggestions and requirements.
  • Develop maven script to clean, compile, copy, deploy application using jar and war files.
  • Develop an initial introduction package for new customers that explain the benefits of good SEO.

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