Internship – PFS Deposits

Hong Leong Bank
Remote Internship
Application ends: June 30, 2024
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Job Description

Define your future at Hong Leong Bank

The program serves to provide vital experience for students to combine theoretical knowledge with practical work experience, enabling them to develop skills that will provide them with an invaluable head start in their career.

Internship Scope

1. Day-to-Day Duties

  • Sorting, compiling and organising data from various sources
  • Copywriting corporate letters, emails and marketing material
  • Schedule meetings and trainings, taking attendance for those that are compulsory

2. Monitoring the daily activities and progress of all Mobile Deposit Specialists (MDS) Tracking & Reporting

  • Tracking their account opening figures and account details to ensure that it is updated and completed on time
  • Send reminders to those who are not updating
  • Report to the MDS Manager on daily total figures
  • Track MDS movement (i.e. those who have resigned, new MDS, etc.)

3. Management

  • Create excel templates each month for tracking
  • Schedule MDS meetings and trainings
  • Respond to enquiries and issues that MDS are facing
  • Collect certain documents from MDS
  • Create and continuously update MDS directory that includes their contact details
  • Map MDS to leads according to branch postcode locations for campaign launching and tracking.
  • Create guides to instruct MDS on certain processes
  • Compile complaints sent in by MDS.

4. Data analysis

  • Present data visually eg via bar charts, pie charts and line charts
  • Create graphs to present trends in Fixed Deposits
  • Create graphs to present MDS productivity and progress

5. Support the launch of the Junior App campaign

  • Copywrite marketing materials including soft launch teasers across all channels

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