Second Brain Executive

i-City Properties Sdn Bhd
Full Time
Application ends: June 16, 2024
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Job Description

  • Organizing and structuring information to make it easily accessible and retrievable
  • Gather feedback for continuous improvement to ensure the workflow or processes in place are optimal over the long term
  • Developing and implementing processes and procedures for adding and updating information in the system
  • Draft and prepare proper documentation that includes checklist and user guide/manuals for ease of reference by users/customers
  • Collaborating with team members to ensure that information is shared effectively
  • Coordinate between different team and relevant stakeholders to ensure alignment of project goals, desired outcomes of the projects, and successful execution.
  • Present a walkthrough, providing training and support to team members on how to use the system
  • Help individuals and teams better manage their knowledge and increase productivity by having all important information in one centralized location
  • Gather knowledge, research, brainstorm with relevant teams, plan, compile and strategies execution for special projects
  • Handles Internal Second Brain

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