Internship for Human Resource

vimigo Technologies Sdn Bhd

Job Description

To begin, you will be in the People & Talent team, most commonly known as Human Resources.

Team objectives:

Recruit: Find the right talent based on the Willingness x Attitude x Ability formula

Retain: Planning & executing performance rewards mechanisms to ensure the team always thriving & be the best version of themselves

Growth: Plays a role in cultivating & implementing healthy culture in the office

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist in recruitment & selection, communicate with stakeholders
  • Assist in the drafting of job advertisements & analyzing the efficiency of different job platforms
  • Assist in performance management, review and reconcile individual’s monthly goal to ensure the reward is distributed accordingly
  • Assist in the company’s monthly event planning & execution. Eg: Monthly Townhall
  • Support in HR relevant administrative work. Eg: improve workplace efficiency by building up a proper filing system

What you can expect from this internship:

  • Self-improvement and growth: Able to get first-hand experience in HR matters
  • Understand the needs of the market: Get in touch with and understand the HR problems faced by different small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Learn how to motivate talents: By implementing the right performance reward mechanisms that allow talents to grow

Be a part of the YOUNG, FUN & VIBRANT team!

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