IT Server & Storage Engineer

Full Time

Job Description

1. Responsible for overall server operation and performance.
2. Respond and attend to issues related to server raised up from manufacturing field.
3. Monitor, diagnose, troubleshooting issues related to server operation and servers and storage performance.
4. Maintain of related documentation and process definition on system changes as required.
5. Ensure proper housekeeping of data for servers on-premises and cloud.
6. Perform server health checkup, monitor system capacities, performance analysis and reporting.
7. Monitor, managing and maintain windows server security patch update, upgrades etc.
8. Ensure server successful operations for replication, backup, and recovery.
9. Plan, implement and test Disaster Recovery Plan related to servers and storage.
10. Monitor and maintain server room facilities.
11. Liaise with vendors or services providers on devices support.
12. Carry out another special projects/task as assigned within the timeframe.
13. Attend to ad-hoc or emergency cases related to servers or IT generally.

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