Production Manager

Full Time

Job Description

* Monitor and control production efficiency and effectiveness to ensure production target is achieved and production capacity maximized.
* To plan, hire, train and manage workforce effectiveness and efficiency on the production floor and ensure well-trained operations staff.
* To ensure the production floor safety and liaise with the Health and Safety department.
* Manage and oversees the efficiency of the production machinery were in good condition, line cleaning and on-time schedule maintenance were carried out.
* To manage and ensure to minimize the machinery downtime and constant looking into improvisation.
* Manage and ensure all production processes comply with the customer requirement.
* To proactive in analyzing, define, and providing improvisation in the production best practices, SOP, control, and prevention measures.
* To review the existing processes, procedure, and SOP for future improvisation.
* To provide monthly operations related reports to the Team Manager of the production floor requirement

Qualification:  bachelor’s degree, Advanced Diploma

Experience: PCB experience is required.

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