Frontend Developer Intern

Remote Internship

Job Description

We’re looking for Frontend Developer Interns that will assist with the computer applications designing and all company related digital tasks and you will also work with other IT teams software and web design on software projects.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:
-Develop and apply UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will create the application’s visual components.
-Collaborate with the UI/UX designer to bridge the graphical design and technical implementation gap.
-Collaborate with backend and mobile developers to ensure that development are ongoing.
-Ensure that codes are compliant with company requirements.
-Experienced in React.js/Vue.JS, CSS3, HTML5
-Familiarity with Webpack and NPM
-Basic Knowledge of RESTful API

-Proficiency in the three core technologies of front-end development HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
-Knowledge of web application frameworks such as Angular, React, Laravel
-Strong UI/UX design skills and knowledge of how to make programs operate naturally
-Able to work both individually and collaboratively
-Able to multitask in a demanding, fast-paced atmosphere and fulfill deadlines with minimum supervision
-Capable of prioritizing, meeting deadlines, and juggling many duties

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