Brand Growth Leader

TRAPO Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
Full Time

Job Description

You will be at the helm of the brand, leading the sustainable growth of the brand and achieving performance goals through your professional capabilities such as market insight, strategy formulation and implementation, new product development, and channel expansion.

Job Responsibilities:

Plan the brand development according to the target and implement it effectively.
Familiar with purchasing, budget planning and product management.
Cooperate with product designers and suppliers to develop new products.
Maintain brand official website, maintenance and optimization, product launch, and information update.
Brainstorm marketing planning ideas, cooperation negotiation, coordination, execution and effect analysis.
Familiar with brand management to enhance brand exposure and consumer exposure.
Market data collection, integration and analysis.

Job Requirements:

More than 2 years of related experience in brand or product management, preferably in e-commerce or fashion industry.
Good copywriting skills, aesthetics, and basic data acumen.
Familiar with word processing tools (Microsoft Office, Google Doc, Google Sheet, etc.)
Have good communication and coordination skills, can work independently, and able to work together across departments or with external partners to ensure the efficient completion of assigned tasks.
Willing to work in the fast pace of the e-commerce industry and able to handle any challenges.


Practical experience in building high-impact brands.
Heavy users in online shopping platforms such as Shopee, TaoBao, Lazada etc. and social networking sites.
Familiarity with fashion or lifestyle industries.
Familiar with Google Analytics, social media or digital marketing analysis tools.

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