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About Company

LS Smart Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd has experienced in this industry for 15 years. Our expertise in this industry is supplying new and used bakery and pastry production line, standard kitchen and also F&B production line. Other than supply, our company also possess a greater skills in processing the unprocessed materials until it become finished goods. We provide another services to our respective clients which is to do maintenance and adjustment to the machines for our client’s contentment. Nonetheless, providing good services toward our clients will ensure that our relation with the clients are always strong and loyalty.

Our professionalism was built on identifying the client’s products, needs and also provide feedback of clients regarding the product and services that we offer, concurrent with the designation of the product. We believed that providing a sufficient machinery equipment based on the customer’s needs will enhance our machine products into a greater technology with more beneficial towards the users. Hence, we also strive to enhance our technology machines and increase the company’s growth with improving our business.

Our services covered from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, East Asia Country and West Asia Country.

Our Vision 

  • To be top machinery provider in Southeast Asia while contributing to people’s lives and making the world a better place through automation.


  • Integrity
  • Family
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Faith
  • Social Responsibility

Our Mission

  • We provide the clients with the highest level of A-Z automation on all aspects of your manufacturing process and supply chain with our expert consultants and in-house technicians while transforming your businesses towards the industrial revolutions of the 4th generation.

For the further information about our company, you can just click at our company’s link and visit our blog in the website to see amazing articles about our employers that may be give some goose bump and a lot of inspiration. for any inquiries, you can contact us or you can send your resume to