Junior HR Executive (Trainee)

Synergy XYZ

Job Description

1. Full Cycle of Recruitment

a. Performing full cycle of recruitment.

• Handling full process of recruitment from sourcing of recruitment platform until offer stage.

• Recruitment process: sourcing, filtering, engaging, interview managing and job offering.

b. Involving in international to local talent / outsourcer team recruitment.

• Getting the opportunity to work with respective departments HOD on recruiting international talents and team.

c. Assisting superior and Senior HR Executive on handling HR general issues from time to time.


2. Database Management

a. Given chances to learn talents database management using HR application system.

• Trained on each vacant talents / position skillsets and requirements.

• Importing and database management processes.


3. Talents Mapping and HR Development

a. Involving in talent mapping and given knowledge on how the mapping was done.

• Talent mapping process: talent mapping, talent design, talent job scopes, talents skillsets and etc.

b. Handling talent search / headhunting activities from strategies to approaching.

• Learning on talent search / headhunting processes.

c. Involving in HR development

• Developing and setting up new HR functions.
• Supporting the department on research and propose human resource useful information.


4. Employer Branding

a. Involving in Employer Branding Strategies

• Handling from content planning, content creation, content platform posting and audience engaging from different source.


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